Hurley Hughes

Here at Western Bit Makers Supply we make and sell bit mouthpieces to makers of handmade western bits. That's all we do!

As a bit maker yourself, you know how difficult and time-consuming these bit mouthpieces can be to make, never mind frustrating and expensive. But now you can buy them here, made up and ready to go! The work has been done for you—and done right!—saving you time, sweat, and money.

Browse our selection of to see if anything meets your need. If not today, come back soon as more styles will be added. If there’s something you’d like to see here, contact us with details—we’re interested!

For a quick heads-up when new styles are added, sign up here. Your info will never be shared, and we won’t spam your in-box (we hate junk mail as much as you do!). We just want to keep in touch.

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